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Me at a night club. submitted by Two_Soup to milliondollarextreme

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Some people will pay a lot for a potential lay. That’s what they are selling.

Operation Paperclip submitted by jollux to politics

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It baffles me how muddled history has become in such a short time. Von Braun designed the Saturn five. The greatest rocket of all time. Now because of liberal fuck wads he’s only remembered for the terror the v1 and v2 rockets caused Britain. Man was a damned rocket genius.

Fallout 76 launch is a disaster: 3.2 out of 10 on metacritic user reviews submitted by MaunaLoona to gaming

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Morrowind was amazing.

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ICE Waits for Undocumented Minors to Turn 18, Cuffs Them on Their Birthdays submitted by daskapitalist to news

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Account Deleted By User submitted by bob3333 to ideasforvoat

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Tried Voat long ago. Back again with a new account! submitted by MartyMcfly85 to introductions

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Welcome back. What caused you to leave? Sanegoatiswear’s insane ramblings. That almost made me leave when every thread had his spam