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Stackables, submitted: 6/13/2019 8:16:33 PM, 60 points (+88|-28)

Pancake cat, submitted: 6/23/2019 11:42:23 PM, 47 points (+80|-33)

Sleepy fox, submitted: 6/26/2019 7:51:48 PM, 45 points (+59|-14)

British intensify military purge, submitted: 5/29/2019 8:46:28 PM, 29 points (+30|-1)

Cat wants food, submitted: 6/13/2019 7:03:54 PM, 22 points (+59|-37)

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Wii Fit Trainer stretch, submitted: 3/19/2019 11:02:07 PM, -14 points (+10|-24)

Age of consent should be 13 change my mind, submitted: 6/10/2019 11:35:55 PM, -13 points (+7|-20)

Congratulations to the Silent Angel partner for voat, submitted: 6/20/2019 7:05:01 AM, -13 points (+3|-16)

Taki (Soulcaliber), by mikoyan, submitted: 4/14/2019 8:45:35 PM, -12 points (+12|-24) (Overwatch), by zumidraws, submitted: 7/1/2019 3:29:59 AM, -12 points (+7|-19)

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Antifa were throwing quick dry cement disguised as milkshakes in Portland today submitted by Kurtz to news

Maggotbait88 4 points 72 points (+76|-4) ago

Report it so they can arrest you for attacking these innocent antifa members

Blumpf is about to draft all of you young white males to go fight for Israel submitted by jewsbadnews to news

Maggotbait88 2 points 64 points (+66|-2) ago

Wanna bet Israel did it?

Around blacks, never relax. submitted by weirdtwitter to Niggers

Maggotbait88 1 points 47 points (+48|-1) ago

Smarter than she looks

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Age of consent should be 13 change my mind submitted by Maggotbait88 to whatever

Maggotbait88 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

Not an argument. Ignored!

HOLY SHIT!! Vile Censorship of Muslim crimes in OS TOOLS by Malwarebytes! Malwarebytes goes full retard and White Genocide Today! It started CENSORING Jihad Watch! Read it yourself on Jihad Watch! submitted by admin2 to technology

Maggotbait88 11 points -7 points (+4|-11) ago

u/theoldones has been known to beg for child porn,Repeatedly, And again for good measure, then having a mental breakdown when he got called out for it. He has only ever claimed to have a good reason for asking for pictures of naked children.

Faggotbait88, confirmed submitted by larryhuston to PedosOnVoat

Maggotbait88 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago

You're a bunch of sick fucks.

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You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal pussy, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with cum, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke. I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over her, listening to her quickening breath, her girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, her sweet pants warm and moist on your face and her flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.

It is truly nasty how you'd run your hands all over her tiny body while you violate her, feeling her nipples hardening against your tongue as you lick her chest, her neck and her armpits, savoring the scent of her skin and sweat while she trembles from the stimulation and as she reaches her climax, hearing her cry out softly as she has her first orgasm while that cock is buried impossibly deep inside her, pulsing violently as an intense amount of hot cum spurts forth and floods through her freshly-deflowered pussy for the first time, filling her womb only to spill out of her with a sickening squelch. And as you lie atop her flushed body, she murmurs breathlessly, then her fingers dig into your back as she feels your cock hardening inside again.