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This is exactly how I imagine Redditors IRL, submitted: 4/30/2019 8:52:08 PM, 143 points (+148|-5)

i dont think you have heard of a second holocaust, submitted: 5/1/2019 7:34:25 PM, 136 points (+144|-8)

just like bikes, submitted: 4/7/2019 4:31:53 PM, 113 points (+116|-3)

Hey.. i know that couch *fixed*, submitted: 4/17/2019 3:39:37 PM, 109 points (+123|-14)

A Nigger shares her take on Shoplifting, submitted: 4/29/2019 6:27:52 PM, 102 points (+104|-2)

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Never date a single mother. Don't do it. submitted by My10thaccount to whatever

LazyJello9 9 points 63 points (+72|-9) ago

Should probably clarify OP. Not all Single Mothers are undateable. It all comes down to why they are single.

Would you abandon a woman and child if he husband and the childs father were murdered by a nigger? Not really fair there. That woman is at no fault.

Dont date degenerate single mothers, but you can certaintly marry and breed with a widow and raise a fallen fathers child.

I see literally no problem with another man raising my children, caring for my wife and having his own children with her... were i to die today, murdered by some nigger.

Communist politician gets dealt with submitted by 1488HailFireRain to whatever

LazyJello9 0 points 33 points (+33|-0) ago

so this brave man gave his life (in prison perhaps?) to kill a parasite that was threatening his land and his people..

he was a martyr and saved japan from filthy commies.. good on him.

Lest We Forget submitted by icuntstopswearing to whatever

LazyJello9 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

lol the jews name is "Semen"

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"Which monkey is going to stay on the couch?" asks roof Korean Airbnb hostess, now banned from using the app submitted by yiddlerontheroof to videos

LazyJello9 32 points -30 points (+2|-32) ago

Oh niggers are weak and unintelligible retards huh? And you're the one with declining birth rates, a country where you are nearly a minority in your own home country, a country that elected a nigger president - twice!

Those in mutt houses should not throw stones you filthy Muttmerican.

NigNog so brave with 4 friends around who can save his ass if something goes wrong submitted by h3rts to HDLunited

LazyJello9 27 points -27 points (+0|-27) ago

Oh no. Maybe you Why-te people should stop being such easy pathetic targets.. mutt

Approx. 200 African asylum-seekers arrive past week in Portland, Maine. Hundreds more expected. Maine has lowest violent crime rate and is currently 94% white. Say goodbye to both of those statistics. submitted by Hanzo-Hasashi to news

LazyJello9 26 points -25 points (+1|-26) ago

Figuratively.. you pathetic coward. You low life piece of non white shit. Hell, tell me you are white.. that will just make your pathetic inaction and excuses even more pathetic. You fucking American.