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BREAKING!!! Doctors did not administer emergency procedures to Seth Rich in the hospital....WHY THE F*CK???? submitted by downtown76 to pizzagate

Laskar 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

If it is true that no code was called, that's a smoking gun for sure.

I doubt the ED chart notes would have everything written in--I've witnessed omissions for less reason. The chart is a legal document, and as such should be subpoenaed if there is a real investigation into his death.

While it's true that it is possible to die while on life support (ventilator, IVF etc.), it is also very easy to kill someone on life support. The people who know how to resuscitate you also know how to kill without a trace: a precordial thump at the wrong time, saline ice cubes in the ET tube, an injection of KCl, messing with the vent settings, etc. etc. there are countless quick, easy and untraceable ways.

Alan Dershowitz is a Pedophile ?? submitted by fogdryer to pizzagate

Laskar 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago

Why are there question marks in the headline?

He's the one who was in Epstein's black book even before he got Epstein an absurdly light "sentence" for human trafficking.

He murdered his first wife when she found CP--which precipitated the divorce. She was murdered during the custody battle. He has made a career out of helping criminals get away with murder and worse. He was behind the OJ "defense" in that circus fake trial.

If you are important enough in DC, you can keep a 4 year old Filipino girl as a sex slave living in a dog cage in your basement and you won't be prosecuted. submitted by The_Crux to pizzagate

Laskar 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago

And MIT hosts DARPA and MKUltra.

That's where Aaron Swartz found pedo stuff and that's the real reason he was murdered.

"Although this article dates from 2012, Shimatsu makes a strong case based on the activities of MIT's Media Lab, which is an offshoot of DARPA and MKUltra, regarding CP (and child exploitation in Cambodia).

I, for one never believed Schwartz was murdered because MIT does not have any proprietary right to JSTOR. The whole thing always seemed weird, and a smokescreen for the real reason he was killed, never mind the ridiculous story that he could hang himself with a 30" belt."

Although the article is interesting in itself, can we look further into MIT? Is the murder of that security guard in 2013 related to this?

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I just had to share this Bill Nye segment, aimed at children and even a Skippy reference. Pedo agenda in full swing.... submitted by cantsleepawink to pizzagate

Laskar 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

It was only a matter of time before the repeat/redundant posts crop up. Original post:

Bill Nye, an entertainer posing as a scientist (though he will not ever debate a real scientist) has defended planned parent hood's sale of organs, and any sort of sex perversion as being normal, has now come out of mothballs to promote an even sicker agenda.

Source: Bill Nye's logic: "Rape, murder and pedophilia should be legal because 'You can't tell people what to do!' ":

He is a staunch defender of "Climate Change" and is afraid of facing anyone who is a real scientist: "Why does debate scare Bill Nye?" @2:09:

He has a new show on Netflix called "Bill Nye Saves the World".

Here is a video about a vanilla ice cream being persuaded to participate in a multi sex orgy:

And here is one which really pushes "anything goes". In this song, where the lyrics say, "sexuality is a spectrum, everybody is on it", there are the following lines:

[sex] "with a sad clown skyping in the moonlight" "damn Skippy, home slice sing it with me all night" "sex how you want it's your goddamn right"**

Here is the source: the captioned video: "My Sex Junk--Rachel Bloom--Bill Nye Saves the World":

As a post script of sorts: Does anyone else think this video has strange overtones?:

"OUTER DARK" YouTube Channel with 45k Subs Spreads Dutchman video & gets 220k views + 7,500 likes already! Cheers! submitted by YingYangMom to pizzagate

Laskar 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

"elite" "Satanic", etc. you really buy into those euphemisms, without even noticing that he never mentions a single name, unlike others --who have endured much worse that he has.

For example:

And what does this post have to do with rule#1? I'd like to know.

Tim Nolan (70 years old, ex-Judge and Trump campaign chairman for Kentucky) - Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking submitted by RicksonStark to pizzagate

Laskar 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Original VOAT post:

Enough with the day late and dollar short posts already. Do a search first, and leave the front page to those who want to post research.