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r/infowars DOES NOT EXIST any more! submitted by Alex_Jones to MeanwhileOnReddit

Kippering 2 points 28 points (+30|-2) ago

banned on Facebook, Google, Apple, iTunes, Reddit now, Youtube and Spotify

Crucified Armenian Christian Girls submitted by WolvenWargod to islam

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Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Armenian genocide of 1915–1923, recalled sixteen young Armenian girls being "crucified" by their Ottoman tormentors. The film Auction of Souls (1919), which was based on her book Ravished Armenia, showed the victims nailed to crosses. However, almost 70 years later Mardiganian revealed to film historian Anthony Slide that the scene was inaccurate. She described what was actually an impalement. She stated that "The Turks didn't make their crosses like that. The Turks made little pointed crosses. They took the clothes off the girls. They made them bend down, and after raping them, they made them sit on the pointed wood, through the vagina. That's the way they killed – the Turks. (((Americans))) have made it a more civilized way. They can't show such terrible things."

South African President Confirms: 'We'll Take White Land without Compensation' as 90% of Black Farmers Fail submitted by sand_mann to news

Kippering 0 points 25 points (+25|-0) ago

it should be noted that African Blacks in South Africa are not Native like Khoisan people but they are all Bantu invaders

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(((Worldnews))) submitted by voatuser1128 to MeanwhileOnReddit

Kippering 12 points -12 points (+0|-12) ago

I have a feeling the doubts might be just neo-nazi type or islamo arabs who hate jews....what else does the tinfoil truther say? Jewish lobbies are behind the homosexual agenda?? or could this make sense?...however I am no fan of israel and all the fucking bla bla 6 gorillion constant crap you get from jewish supremes, I get Jewish did die and were persecuted what I do know or get is how numbers inflate over time, 3.5 million then 4.9 million then 5.5 million then 6 million, some one recent posted a link saying 8 million I don't get why it would keep going up? Shouldn't numbers after a tragic event don't they normally go down, why the inflated interest rates?? .... this is the tragic part of history getting distorted and warped over time. A lot of blogs attack the who history thing wiki debate thoughts? more links history ? about the authenticity of the diary...maybe some weird shit probably conspiracy though, mainstream media made no questions. In 1980, two German neo-Nazis, Ernst Romer and Edgar Gaiss, were tried in Hamburg for claiming the diary was a forgery. They were convicted. On appeal, an investigation of the authenticity of the diary was ordered by the court. The investigation was conducted by the federal Office of Criminal Investigation in Wiesbaden, which requested that Otto Frank provide the investigators with all the manuscript documents in his possession....Regarding the so-called lost pages of the diary, it was my understanding that there were in fact 5 pages that Otto Frank did remove from the diary before it was paginated. These pages were, I believe, published in the German publication Het Parool. The Anne Frank Foundation sued them for copyright violation and lost, and supposedly these pages will be included in the latest versions of the Critical Edition of the diary. There is also supposed to be a facsimile edition coming out. The official version of these facts should be up on the Anne Frank Foundation (Anne Frank Fonds) web site. The history of the diary is a lot more complicated than most people realize because Anne herself had begun rewriting it with a specific eye toward publication.....much of it seems real but there are blog which talk of an Anne Frank Hoax?

The "Holocaust" did not happen. Deal with it. Why? The Holohoax is the key to understanding the fall of the West. submitted by shadow332 to whatever

Kippering 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

Be careful there are lots of crypto-muzzies and crypto-kikes and shill from all over the world posting disinfo, even street shitter or yellow spammers hired from the East. Jews died in Europe that if act. My opinion and its just an opinion and everyone has them just as everyone has an asshole, my opinion looking at film, reading history A holocaust happened of sorts but it aint the only one, and it has become a mockery of how they are trying to record this event...over the years there have been dozens of genocides and Holocausts in Asia, Africa you name it people have killed each other. Also I remember a number it rose and numbers went up as far as 4 Million, over the years suddenly it got inflated like a Banker adding interest and it becomes 6 Million ... I found that strange usually after an event, war, mass murder, eventually numbers go down when you find survivors or people who managed to escape....

Sometimes people make crazy claims like claiming granpa was a hero in the civil war when he wasn't or stolen valor in Vietnam? There are real false claims. I find it disturbing that in England a woman Alison Chabloz sang a stupid funny song and went to jail in Britbongistan. The alt media conspiracy guy wanted to visit Australia and was banned, their tv tried to paint Icke as an evil super villian, this time they talked of 12 Million Jews, what the fuck, the numbers keep growing?

u/katharzso deleted submitted by clamhurt_legbeard to HallofRemembrance

Kippering 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

it was a soap box tranny, zero fucks given