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Oversight Committee just ordered FBI/Comey to hand over ALL Hillary Emails submitted by ALDO_NOVA to pizzagate

Freemasonsrus 0 points 54 points (+54|-0) ago

I am quite sure before Trump agreed to keep Comey on a deal was struck. This letter is the formal part of seeking the emails, but I'm guessing he already planned to hand it over. Right now we are operating without Sessions and they are apparently going around that to move it forward. I'm expecting a mass exodus of ex govt employees on vacation soon to countries without extradition agreements with the U.S.

[UPDATE] I'm in contact with a person who has access to court records and wants to help investigate Pizzagate. They just sent me the first wave of records. Help me dig through them. submitted by MakeAmericaDankAgain to pizzagate

Freemasonsrus 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

Important!!! Please search Aaron Swartz from NY


Bear with me for a brief explanation. If you haven't seen the Anonymous video on Aaron Swartz, I highly recommend it. For those who don't know, Aaron was one of the creators of Reddit. He was fighting to prevent Internet censorship and actually was successful in stopping SOPA from being passed. (Bizarre that now we have the cuck Spez working so hard to suppress speech). Aaron first got on the radar of govt after hacking the PACER website which, oddly enough, has been given the authority to house all PUBLIC court case files and charge a fee to access them. Tax payer funded docs, given to a private company, and they are then charging the tax payers to access them. Aaron hacked in and was able to upload a bunch of them to a separate site that was fighting to make the docs free and accessible to all.

The "crime" for which he was being threatened with 30 some odd years in prison was for hacking into the MIT servers to access documents that had been created based on publicly funded research. Again, we've paid for them to do their stupid research and write about it, but we don't have access to it???

So Aaron supposedly commits suicide Jan 11, 2013. I got curious about the timing of the suicide and the events of Sandyhook happening only a month before, and him being about open access to docs and these bills in Connecticut passed to keep virtually everything about Sandyhook a secret... So I googled Aaron Swartz Sandyhook... And I about threw up.

It's an article about the belief Aaron had stumbled upon details of a secret pedo/satanic ring through the docs in the MIT case. This was written back in 2013! What. The. Fuck.

Kanye West has been red pilled. Meets The Donald at trump tower. WTF is going on right now? submitted by beyondthecacti to pizzagate

Freemasonsrus 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

Agreed. Something bizarre is afoot. Kim is now staying (once again) with her handler mother. What wife and mom leaves her husband while he's in distress?

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Cernovich: Go on Salon. Find articles supporting pedophiles. Screen cap the advertising next to it. Tag on Twitter. Ask why they support pedophiles. SPREAD THE WORD!!! submitted by boobasaurus_tex to pizzagate

Freemasonsrus 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Those companies are going to have a really depressing Q1.

The other thing you have to be careful of is the boomerang effect. We go after them for their ad on an article page about pedophilia, those companies choose to pull ads, and then news site uses that as reasons why they won't write about pedophilia.

Email exposes Clinton Foundation ties to mafia-like organ and heroin trafficker: U.S. backed Albanian P.M. of Kosovo Hashim Thaci submitted by DooDooDoodle to pizzagate

Freemasonsrus 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Thank you for this! Like Haiti, I think this is an important link back to the behavior at least, (ie: motives/setup), for this entire cabal. The PG issue I think is one symptom in the entire process and also on US soil.

Cernovich: Go on Salon. Find articles supporting pedophiles. Screen cap the advertising next to it. Tag on Twitter. Ask why they support pedophiles. SPREAD THE WORD!!! submitted by boobasaurus_tex to pizzagate

Freemasonsrus 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago

This is not a good idea. I wish it was. It's simply Ad re-targeting. HP, in this case, paid money to "follow" that person (assuming it's Cernovich) because he visited their site or a related site. They did not pay money to be on that particular article. So honestly, you're accusing a company of something slanderous. Just my two cents.