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NXIUM child sex trafficking cult founder created preschools all over the world. submitted by NonexistentNihilist to pizzagate

DeathToMasonsASAP 0 points 27 points (+27|-0) ago

They found the tunnels under McMartin. An article was posted here about them being filled up. The entity responsible for them being filled up was not touched on in the article. McMartin was real and the Term "Satanic Panic" was more of the same from our media. Just like Fake News, Birther, Conspiracy Theorist,...They pervert language to inspire ridicule the moment you hear the words.


DeathToMasonsASAP 5 points 17 points (+22|-5) ago

It is apparent to me that most in here are not red pilled, and think that PG is the one crime the system is involved with. How many understand that you are paying income tax not to our defacto government, but to the International banking families led by Rothschild, The Vatican and British Crown? They are the owners of the PRIVATE IRS through the Crown corporation. James Alefantis is likely related to the wealthiest family on the planet, the Rothschilds, and Trump is indebted to Rothschild and put their former CEO of Rothschild INC on his staff. Do you understand this? So it is impossible that Trump or anybody in our defacto corporate government is not theirs. The bankers pay them, Because the IRS funds the FED, which they also own, and the FED funds the treasury. That means Rothschilds cartel is the one paying the politicians. Is this understood? Are you red pilled or not? Because PG is unfortunately a drop in the bucket. You do NOT pay income tax to US "government", you pay it to Rotshchild and the international bankers. You know or don't know that the intel agencies work for them, not the phony gov? So why do some in here think the FBI, who covers up their masters crimes, will arrest their henchmen for doing the dirty work? They won't, they don't. Yet how many mods in here sell us the FBI is about to spring arrest on them, offer us FBI criminal complaint forms to submit to Rothschilds stooges in the FBI, the ones who covered up the CIA murder of Kennedy? Are you guys red pilled or not? Do you understand the system is one big lie and the US government was dissolved in 1933, and we were enslaved? Q is bullshit, the bankers employees don't investigate and arrest the bankers other employees. If you are selling this lie, you are not red pilled, or you are gatekeeping and hiding the reality of the situation. So decide, are you pleading ignorance, or are you denying that the IRS and FED are private and owned by the bankers? Shit or get off the pot. Especially the individual who claimed to be "fairly" anti Q.

TRUST ME. I cannot say anymore than this. I am risking my life. LA to NYC. Babies. submitted by quiche to pizzagate

DeathToMasonsASAP 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago

We did not ask for a pizzagatewhatever. The mods forced that on us as a way to chase away threads that get to the heart of things. They can simply site one of the arbitrary rules they pull out of their back pocket. Look at some of these threads that have nothing to do with the Satanic pedo traficking cult of the CIA/DC elite. All the while my video submission of the documentary of the catholic church in Canada's holocost against native aboriginals is deleted on site. They raped tortured and murdered them, the mods delete it with minutes or seconds each time and ban you if you continualy try to post it. There was a thread with articlles about this that were allowed, but the documentary is never allowed as it is to legitimate. The native peoples are interviewed and a cactholic priest that exposed the church discuss the case. The pedo mods here do damage control and you are helping them by legitimizing pgwhatever. It should not exist.

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WTF IS HAPPENING? I'm sure I've seen Bourdain mentioned on these boards before. submitted by Mrs_Ogynist01 to pizzagate

DeathToMasonsASAP 15 points -12 points (+3|-15) ago

Evidence? are trying to legitimize Q. I got it. So this is an elite pedo that offed himself. Really? Just like that? Guess the evidence on him will be in the news any day now? Anybody ever think they kill the people that are close to realizing what is going on, and they don't have full control over them?

Obama (to Bourdain): ketchup is acceptable on hotdogs until age 8 submitted by Blacksmith21 to pizzagate

DeathToMasonsASAP 20 points -12 points (+8|-20) ago

Weak, and it has been posted before. And he is correct, adults acquire the taste for mustard on dogs, not ketchup. Stop making us look stupid.

They've come for us. Again. submitted by PuttItOut to announcements

DeathToMasonsASAP 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago

I downvoated and reloaded...shows zero downvoates...pedo pedo pedo mods!