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Oh god, I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself!, submitted: 7/7/2015 5:58:02 AM, 135 points (+136|-1)

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deleted by user submitted by whte_rbt-obj to AskVoat

Ar_Nimruzir 2 points 109 points (+111|-2) ago

Diamonds are not an intrinsically valuable mineral, except for use in areas such as high technology and the creation of certain machinery, and are only highly valued in Western culture due to an amazingly successful advertising campaign begun by DeBeers in the 1930's.

They really hit it out of the park with the slogan "A diamond is forever" in 1948, and have only been raking in more cash since then. They also invented the modern idea of exchanging engagement rings; prior to the 1930's not many people engaged in this "tradition".

DeBeers is a monopoly because they own the majority of diamond mines in the world and handle all sales and distributions of diamonds through specific channels in England, Israel and Belgium. They then choose who it is that has the right to purchase their uncut diamonds, and force a contract on buyers that states that they can only sell the stones after being cut and polished.

They also horde diamonds in bank vaults all over the world, most notably in Switzerland, and release only a small pre-set amount every year.

As well, a diamond is a shitty investment (it's actually a depreciating asset ): you buy at retail and resell at wholesale, and you will never ever ever make any money on it (this includes all jewellery, actually).

Finally, diamonds are mined by slaves! Just like how that cocoa people love so much is grown by slaves and how everybody's favorite Nike's were sown by slaves. So by buying diamonds one is directly contributing to slave labor and validating its' continued existence.

Diamonds are BS, don't buy them. Don't buy them ever! Diamonds are a false asset cleverly advertised by a corporation that makes men think they are losers if they don't buy them for the women in their lives while simultaneously making women think they are less valuable than their counterparts if they don't have any diamonds.

They next time someone thinks about buying a diamond they should wad up the money they would have used real tight and fuck themselves in the ass with it instead, because that is essentially what happens every time someone buy a diamond.

Oregon bakery owners who denied service to a same-sex couple have paid $135,000 in state-ordered damages. Damages were awarded for emotional suffering submitted by TerriChris to news

Ar_Nimruzir 12 points 81 points (+93|-12) ago

This is disgusting; as business owners they should have the right to refuse service to anybody, be it on idiotic religious grounds or not.

$136,927.07 awarded for "emotional suffering"...

This sort of social justice BS makes me ashamed to be an American.

Let this sink in... submitted by ilovepussy to whatever

Ar_Nimruzir 2 points 65 points (+67|-2) ago

I don't often comment on political posts, because generally I am A-political, but I couldn't help but resist in this case...

As a disclaimer: I am very anti-gun, but not anti-gun ownership, as the ability to possess weapons is embodied in the US constitution and I would not seek to challenge that amendment.

This is beyond silly, beyond ridiculous, beyond asinine; this is just plain stupid.

Obama, in his last dregs of office, seems to only want to strip the American People of their Liberties.

I am not mad or angry, only stating facts that should be obvious to all. Many of you may not like or approve of guns or gun ownership. But I believe this trend will start with guns, and end with free speech; free speech in life, free speech on the internet, and free speech in general.

Obama is only the beginning of this; Trump and Clinton have already espoused such sentiments.

I believe we have only seen just begun.

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TIL: The air in Beijing is so polluted that breathing it does as much damage to the lungs as smoking 40 cigarettes a day. submitted by cynoclast to politics

Ar_Nimruzir 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

These statistics pop up all the time in the West and just are not true, I am not defending the pollution of Beijing, but I lived there for many years and this is just plain old Western propaganda...

Every time I read the news it's a different amount of cigs; 40, 100, 20, 100,000. It's all BS. These stats always appear during the winter months because that is when pollution spikes in the city, due to the use of coal in Mongolia, not Beijing itself (BJ uses natural gas for heating). The coal smoke is then pushed south by Siberian winds to Beijing where it sits because Beijing is surrounded by mountain ranges.

So if you want to fault anyone fault Ulaanbaatar; Mongolia burns coal like fucking crazy and no one in the West seems to give a shit.

Lube that smells like high school girls submitted by jacobness to WTF

Ar_Nimruzir 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

It's all good, these people are paid to do this stuff because they can make their spam look legit.

Sub to /v/reportspammers if you would like to remain more aware of this problem on Voat.

For All The Newcomers To Voat submitted by enotsr22 to gifs

Ar_Nimruzir 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

/r/WTF was finally banned, so now we are receiving their former user base as internet/reddit refugees.