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Common Core? 6th Graders Taught How to Use Strap-On Dildo, submitted: 9/3/2017 3:11:18 AM, 88 points (+107|-19)

Being colored gives you immunity from being labelled a 'racist'. Apparently., submitted: 8/16/2017 9:16:38 PM, 26 points (+26|-0)

Steve Bannon Finally Says out Loud What We All Knew: Hillary Clintons No, submitted: 9/11/2017 9:48:56 PM, 16 points (+20|-4)

Breaking: Sebastian Gorka Resigns From Trump Administration, submitted: 8/26/2017 12:16:08 AM, 11 points (+11|-0)

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars, submitted: 9/19/2017 12:46:59 PM, 9 points (+11|-2)

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FUNCTIONAL ILLITERATES TRYING TO ERASE HISTORY, submitted: 8/22/2017 9:35:30 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

The Coup Against Trump Will Be Televised, submitted: 8/22/2017 9:18:47 PM, 3 points (+4|-1)

What happens when Leftist scum take control of governments, submitted: 9/28/2017 9:18:09 PM, 4 points (+4|-0)

Lewis Hamilton is a faggot., submitted: 10/1/2017 4:53:22 AM, 5 points (+6|-1)

How Europe Built Its Own Funeral Pyre, Then Leapt In, submitted: 1/8/2018 11:33:41 AM, 5 points (+6|-1)

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Common Core? 6th Graders Taught How to Use Strap-On Dildo submitted by AmINotMerciful to news

AmINotMerciful 3 points 22 points (+25|-3) ago

Quite literally, America is fucked.

Chelsea Clinton Says She Spent A Year In Jail submitted by fluxusp to news

AmINotMerciful 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Webb Hubbell.

World's first sex robot Samantha makes live TV debut on This Morning submitted by Reddit_traitor to news

AmINotMerciful 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

"World's first"? I'd wager there'd be millions of men throughout history who've thought they'd fucked a robot.

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Holy shit are y'all seeing this? Is this America? submitted by GoatyMcGoatface to whatever

AmINotMerciful 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago


President Trump just delivered a precision strike to the fake ass MSM, spoke like a human being instead of a politician. Prepare for the "approval polls" to plummet tomorrow. MAGA! submitted by Rummel to politics

AmINotMerciful 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I for one, hope this spills over into open civil war so the patriots can eliminate without hesitation, every single one of those lying, scum, liberal, Jew journalists and all the parasites of the violent left whose only aim is to destroy Western culture and values and replace it with their own perverted, hateful, vile, totalitarianism.

Fuck them all. The only good leftists are dead leftists.

"Goy, Bye" - Huffpost Article Title about Steve Bannon's Departure Before Changing it to "White Flight". They're exposing their hand. submitted by Obie_Kenobi to politics

AmINotMerciful 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Seriously. Commence open civil war and wipe these shitstains off the face of the earth.